Troubleshooting and doing your own AC repair in Covington, Georgia, can appear like a lot of work.

But it doesn’t have to be. There are a couple of fast fixes you can try by yourself that might help you bypass an AC service call.

When you’re facing air conditioning troubles, use this checklist before calling a heating and cooling repair expert like Covington Air Systems.

Our specialists are standing by at (770) 462-5319 when you need experienced help. We have emergency AC repair and service most models of central air conditioning.

If you need an up to date air conditioner, we also provide AC installation.

When you’re talking with us, contemplate a routine AC maintenance plan that could help you steer clear from potential problems. We can tell you when you require air conditioner service.

Want to get started troubleshooting your air conditioner? Use our easy tips below. Many of these processes don’t need any mechanical expertise.

Air Conditioner Repair Checklist

1. AC Won’t Turn On

There can be a couple of reasons why your AC equipment won’t run: an overloaded circuit breaker, inaccurate thermostat settings, a turned off switch or an overflowing condensate drain pan.

Blown Circuit Breaker

Your system won’t run when you have a tripped breaker.

To determine if one has tripped, find your home’s main electrical panel. You can locate this gray device on the wall in the basement, garage or closet.

  • Ensure your hands and feet are dry before you work on the panel or breakers.
  • Look for the breaker marked “AC” and confirm it’s in the “on” position. If it’s tripped the breaker will be in the in between or “off” position.
  • Quickly move the lever back to the “on” spot. If it immediately flips again, leave it alone and get in touch with us at (770) 462-5319. A breaker that keeps turning off could signal your home has an electrical problem.

Inaccurate Thermostat Settings

If your thermostat isn’t giving a sign to your air conditioner to work, it won’t turn on.

The main point is checking it’s set to “cool” and not “heat.” Otherwise your air conditioning may not switch on. Or you may receive. hot air moving from vents since the heater is on instead.

If you have a regular thermostat:

  • Replace the batteries if the readout is empty. If the readout is showing jumbled numbers, get a new thermostat.
  • Make sure the proper setting is displaying. If you can’t alter it, reverse it by lowering the temperature and hitting the “hold” button. This will cause your AC to run if the configuration is incorrect.
  • Try setting the thermostat 5 degrees lower than the space’s temperature. Your AC won’t work if the thermostat matches the house’s temperature.

Once your thermostat is calibrated accurately, you should begin getting refreshing air fast.

If you’re using a smart thermostat, such as one made by Nest, Ecobee, Lux, Honeywell or Bosch, go to the manufacturer’s website for help. If it still won’t work, call us at (770) 462-5319 for assistance.

Turn-Off Switch

Your AC typically has a power-cutting lever near its outdoor unit. This device is commonly in a metal box hung on your house. If your equipment has recently been maintained, the switch may have accidentally been put in the “off” setting.

Overflowing Condensate Drain Pan